Aiyoh! No More Babies After That...
Meet Shalini and Wilson, both perfect examples of how bone marrow donation is not going to stop anybody from having children.

Many of our donors have to grapple with friends and relatives bombarding them with endless nonsense and old-wives’ tales about the horrors of being a bone marrow donor and especially no more babies after that. No disrespect, Grandma! but you could not be more wrong… and what’s more, we got the proof. Not to mention, this is Singapore and there is no way we would be allowed to even operate if we knowingly set out to reduce the nation’s already frugal fertility rate. On the contrary, our heroes might be deemed irresistible by their partners, that making babies can be a possible side effect of bone marrow donation…  if you get what we mean!


On that note, meet Shalini and Wilson, both perfect examples of how bone marrow donation is not going to stop anybody from having children.


Shalini Nair donated her bone marrow via the Peripheral Blood Stem Cell (PBSC) collection method when she was 26 years old (read her story here). Fast forward 6 years, Shalini and her husband are preparing for a new addition to the family any moment now proving beyond a doubt that bone marrow donors have babies!


Looking back, she was never bothered by the myths and misconceptions. Not wanting to be misinformed, she researched online and found the process of bone marrow donation to be simple, with no long-term side effects and absolutely no problems associated with fertility issues.


Another advocate for bone marrow donation is Wilson Quek, who donated his bone marrow via the bone marrow collection method in 2013 (read his story here).  Already a busy father with two young children, and a third one due very close to his scheduled donation date, Wilson jumped at the opportunity to save a life without a second thought.  Obviously his wife was pleased with her home hero and they went on to produce another baby boy just months after his life-saving donation… so not only a great role model to other potential donors, but a hero to the nation as well!


Our promise is to find a donor for every patient in need of a transplant and to do that, we really need all the help we can get with more people signing up as volunteer bone marrow donors. There is indeed nothing greater than giving someone else a second chance at life and for all you know, you might be bestowed with a miracle in the form of a little bundle of joy.

PUBLISHED ON 05 September 2017
Registering to become a bone marrow donor means committing to be there when you get the call to give life. Each registrant provides hope for those waiting. A person could, however, be a match within a few months of registering, a year later or even seven years later.
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