It's All About Doing the Right Thing
Donor patient meet - Ivan & Enning

All of us in the BMDP office had the opportunity to host a patient-and-donor meeting – that very special day when a year has passed since the transplant and both parties are finally allowed to meet up.


So while it isn’t exactly an everyday occurrence, it was the first time that the two star performers in this human drama were willing to share with the world their very private moment. What better way can we demonstrate that being a bone marrow donor is simply the “right thing” to do – because from one small act, a life portrayed in the smile and the tears of a patient, can literally be brought back.


Telling the audience that it was “like winning the charity lottery when one simple act can mean all the difference in the world for another”, 28 year-old donor Yow Enning met the man whose life she saved. Almost the same age, transplant recipient Ivan Wijaya and his wife Ledy had traveled back from Indonesia for this very special day; bringing with them the joy and the knowledge that their marriage will indeed have a future.

It seems like a small thing that ended up meaning so much for someone else.

- Enning, Donor
BACK IN 2013

Looking back to February 2013 and thinking about starting a family, all plans came to a standstill when Ivan was diagnosed with Acute Myelogeneous Leukemia (AML). Even worse, it proved resistant to chemotherapy making a bone marrow transplant Ivan’s only hope of survival. But like so many patients, there was no suitable family donor so Ivan’s doctor turned to the BMDP to find him a matching donor who shared the same tissue type on our register.


So while Ivan and Ledy were going through weeks of grueling chemotherapy treatment and anxiously waiting for news, a surprised Enning received a call from the BMDP. It was seven years since those SMU days when she had first signed up but without hesitating and not being one to back out on her promise, fortunately for Ivan, she grabbed the chance to help. While sharing their story, we learned that Ivan’s life-saving transplant procedure happened by coincidence on Ivan and Ledy’s second wedding anniversary!

“I keep getting the term ‘hero’ thrown at me but it feels like such a big word when I think back to what I’ve done,” says Enning. “It seems like a small thing that ended up meaning so much for someone else.”


“I don’t have enough ‘thank yous’ to express how my family and I feel towards you,”.


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PUBLISHED ON 23 October 2017
Registering to become a bone marrow donor means committing to be there when you get the call to give life. Each registrant provides hope for those waiting. A person could, however, be a match within a few months of registering, a year later or even seven years later.
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